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Weekly Podcast

Join us on YouTube every week at 4 PM to discuss a topic that will help you become the person God created you to be.

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Holy Man

Men's Podcast

Welcome to Holy Man: a journey of becoming Godly Men. No matter if we are sons, husbands, dads, grandfathers, or just a regular guy, we are going to try to figure out how God would want us to live on this journey called life. None of us have it all figured out yet, so let’s dig into and wrestle with God’s Word as we try to become who God created us to be, specifically as men.

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Looking Above

Women's Podcast

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of everyday life. If we aren’t intentional, our eyes can easily be pulled away from the Lord and we can set our gaze on things of earth. I believe that our perspective changes everything, so together we’ll be LOOKING ABOVE.

Life Group

Dealing with depression as a believer in christ

Hello my name is Jair I am a faithful believer in Jesus Christ but unfortunately my Epilepsy has sent me into a battle with depression. I have been seeing a psychologist for seven years now and I’ve been heavily involved in Celebrate Recovery. The more people I met in Celebrate Recovery, the more people I realized struggle with self respect and anxiety that leads them to depression. If you have any kind of disability you know how it feels to feel like you are not “good enough” or maybe you don’t feel “normal” but the reality is what is normal? Who is perfect? Only Jesus Christ
We will be utilizing an amazing bible study by Chris Hodges called “Out of the Cave.”
I would love to have both men and women jump in with me and learn how to feel comfortable to talk about our feelings and our problems. As a child, I was always told not to talk about my problems and as I got older, I saw the consequences of seeing all my problems building up, only creating more anxiety and more stress.
This is going to be a virtual group through zoom it can be very flexible. I would like to start it in the first week of March. I plan to get feedback on what time and day is best for everyone.